Friday, September 19, 2014

Love Potion No. 11 has been included in Apple's world wide promomotion!

It was pretty fun to be a part of the "top secret" group that worked on this short notice book, and it couldn't have been done without the many people who formatted, promoted and generally worked their tales off (pun intended). Smashwords is a hard working company, and I really like working with Mark Coker.

The Guardian Trilogy - The Guardian Trilogy

Liz Schulte and Others

Love Potion No. 11

From the Smashwords blog:

Smashwords Blog: iBooks Launches Worldwide Book Bundles Promotion, Features 40 Smashwords Box Sets and over 200 authors

Posted: 18 Sep 2014 05:58 PM PDT
iBooks today launched a major worldwide merchandising feature that includes 100 box sets, 40 of which are from Smashwords.

For readers looking to discover their new favorite authors, the collections offer a treasure trove of amazing authors.  $99.00 will get you hundreds of books!

The featured Smashwords box sets include the works of over 200 Smashwords authors.  View the merchandising feature at iBooks, or view on your web browser via iTunes by clicking here.

The feature showcases books in the categories of Contemporary Romance, Crime & Thrillers, Historical Romance, Paranormal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Teen & Young Adult. Apple plans to promote the feature globally in the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stop, drop and roll

It's been a stop, drop and roll kind of week, and the weekend looks like more of the same. I'll check back in next week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We had family visit, and I got a refresher on how delightful (and exhausting!) a toddler and infant on the cusp of walking can be. It reminded me that teens can be challenging, but I wouldn't want to go back. I used to wonder what I accomplished during a day with kids, and now I realize how much I was doing.

It's nice to be the adult who gets to spoil the kids, too. Do we ever really relax and enjoy or own kids?

The chiropractor saved me from another painful, sleepless night and I woke in a great mood, so it's back to Bramble Burn today. I should probably dedicate a page on my site to snippets, but not today. It can go on the list of someday, maybe.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Snippet: the story of Mrs. James

Vic intercepted him as he was descending the steps, unbothered by the rain. “Found the horse. They’re taking care of it in the stables. It’s not hurt that I could tell.”
“Thank you. I’m sure Mrs. James will be grateful,” Sage said as he climbed into the carriage. He rapped on the roof and thought about what he would say to the neighbors.
He knew the story about Mrs. James, of course. Anyone who mingled in local society had heard the tale. Disgraced and pregnant, she’d married on her fiancĂ©e’s deathbed. She’d lost the baby soon after, to her in-law’s disgust. “The one thing she could have done properly,” her father-in-law, Lord James, was known to grumble.
At her late husband’s request, she’d refused to wear black, further scandalizing her relatives. Sage didn’t care for the mourning fashions of the day, considered them silly. Through gossip, he knew she’d worn colors of darkest red, midnight blue, emerald-black and sable with black trim. He recalled the bit about the trim because one harpy had been particularly virulent about it.
Mrs. James wore a black veil over her hat, though never over her face. Also, her father was a down-at-the-heel gentleman of dubious reputation. A gambler, he was said to be good to her, but not responsible. By all accounts she’d been the grownup, and had won respect and a certain amount of sympathy before the scandal.
He frowned. Hadn’t her father died in a carriage accident? It wasn’t like him to forget details, but it had been an eventful night. He watched as they left the tall, gargoyle-guarded iron gate and turned onto the country road. It took only minutes to reach their neighbor’s drive. In kinder weather he might have walked.
The James property was a staid country manner that would no more consider changing shape than its owners would permit unicorns to graze the lawn. The carriage clattered up to the cobbled front yard. Umbrella in hand, he stepped out and rapped at the door.
Lord James received him promptly. A sober gentleman with a bit of a belly and thinning hair, he was in his late fifties. He’d shown Sage to the library, and after he’d been assured that Mrs. James was alive and whole, he’d been quite put out with his daughter-in-law. “Silly gel! I’ve told her that gelding was too much for her. She rides pell mell for leather in any kind of weather, ignoring all sense. What was my son thinking?” It was unclear whether he referred to the gift of the horse or choice of wife.
Sage let his gaze trail over library, wondering at the fashion for dark wooden panels and general gloom. “Hm. Well, she’s welcome to our hospitality while she recovers. Would you care to send some of her things with me? Lady Griffin won’t hear of moving her until she’s better.”
“Of course, of course. Very kind of her.” Lord James nodded to his butler, who promptly left, presumably to pack a bag.
Lord James wandered over to the sideboard. “May I interest you in a brandy? Nasty out.”
“Thank you, no. I must be on my way,” Sage demurred. “Will Lady James need further assurances?”
Lord James waved a hand. “I’ll tell her what’s happened after she returns from visiting her sister. I’m sure she’ll call on you soon.”

Sage smiled sardonically and took his leave as soon as a truck had been packed. If he were Mrs. James, he’d be grateful for the vacation. It was obvious there was no love lost here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I now have a floor in my office. The house is almost put back together and I've managed to donate some books, enough that my shelf looks oddly empty. Ebooks are certainly easier to store.

The kids are back in school! John has the day off, so we walked them together to the bus stop and waved madly as they left. I haven't been this excited in a while :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Haunt featured in a new series!

I get so many requests for Dark Lands books that I've decided to feature the Haunt in a new series. New book, new world, new characters.

More to follow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amazing deal on an author boxed set!

Love Potion No. 11

Available 2014-09-07
$0.99 USD

 Get it at Smashwords | Amazon  | ibooks

Eleven full length paranormal novels celebrating strong women, sizzling hot heroes, and all the things that go bump in the night. 

Secrets by Liz Schulte: While Olivia Martin observed life through her camera, the Abyss gazed back at her. She is about to find out there is a lot she doesn't know and sometimes what you don't know can kill you.

The Charmer by Autumn Dawn: Jasmine didn’t realize her friend Wiley was special until they were drawn into another world. Here Wiley is betrothed to the ruler of the Haunt, a wererace both dangerous and proud. Will Jasmine find the portal home, or will she find a werewolf of her own?

Forever Fae by L.P. Dover: He leans down, lips parted, and then our lips connect ... We didn't know that this one kiss has FOREVER changed the Land of the Fae.

Stronger Than Magic by Melinda VanLone: Water can be deadly, in the right hands.
In a world of magic, hidden away from those who have no power, Tarian Xannon commands the natural forces of water, air, and fire. She fights not only to keep the throne she thought she hated, but to accept her true place in the world. Will her power be enough? Or are some things stronger than magic?

Give Me by L.K. Rigel: A Romance Reviews top pick.
Lilith Evergreen has always lived in the California desert, but when she receives an antique ring as a gift, she dreams of a castle by the sea, a magnificent tree at cliff's edge, and a mysterious woman who calls her to Dumnos, a land of mist and rain. There she meets Cade Bausiney, the future Earl of Dumnos. His attraction to her is overwhelming ~ but are the feelings real or magically induced?

Taming the Wolf by Stephanie Nelson: Attacked by a wolf while hiking, Anna Avery's life just got a little hairier. When dead bodies start showing up and Anna was the last to see them alive. She'll have to prove her innocence and tame the wolf who bites first and asks questions never.

Sweet Magic Song by Olivia Hardin: Belle Bittner was sold to the highest bidder when she was just a child, sought for the magic lying dormant in her blood. As she tries to escape the world she was raised in, separating myth from fact to decipher the truth about her powers could mean the destruction of the new life she is trying to build.

Enlightened by Melissa Lummis: Loti Dupree is about to learn that karma’s a nightmare. Someone out there will stop at nothing to kill her and only the vampire named Wolf and a destiny she isn’t prepared to embrace stands between her and an early grave.

Undeniable by Tawdra Kandle: For Rafe Brooks, running from a broken heart means losing himself in alcohol and women. Numbing the pain works until he meets an irresistible redhead with secrets of her own. For Rafe and Jocelyn, when life is uncertain, love is undeniable.

Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two by Myndi Shafer: Twenty-two year old Johanna Cochrin’s world is broken. Eating mists ravage the plains, and wilder-than-most hunt and kill in all but the most protected lands. But when she is kidnapped from a remote government compound, she must learn to trust people she has never met and share the secrets she never meant to share.

Divine Destiny by Joanna Grace: Avery McClain's life is shattered and she is rescued by a Thracian warrior. He takes her to the Haven where she discovers her life was meant for a higher calling.