Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bramble Burn is available in print!

My editor is dealing with injuries, so the fastest way to hurry the book along is to pray intensely for her health and healing. Otherwise, be patient. No one ever died from a delayed book release.

Meanwhile, excitement! Bramble Burn is now available in print! Working on Breaker's Ruin print shortly.

Black Hound cover reveal


Black Hound
available June 15
(Lord willing and the creek don't rise)

Convergence Series Book 3

It had been thirty years since the Convergence, when the dimensions aligned and combined Earth and the world of Gwyllon, known in human mythology as “Underhill”. Elven castles and ancient ruins sprouted in vacant lots, on major highways, sometimes merging with existing buildings, twisting into completely new structures. Roads and rail systems reformed, and after the rioting, starvation and death, agriculture finally sorted itself and food began to flow. A new government formed of elves and men had arisen, a society of human tech and elven magic. Cell phones and frost giants, race cars and elven steeds, dungeons and dragons…

And everywhere, monsters.

Black Hound

Metal mage Rue Smith is no one’s tool. When dark elves try to invade her junkyard and trick her out of precious black metal, she fights dirty. With killer robots and a floating Watchtower made from classic cars, she dominates the monster plagued Yard and terminates the bad guys.

Despite deafening construction on the dwarf fortress next door and unwanted attraction to her evil security chief, she kicks monster butt and holds her own with the city’s elite, until a near fatal accident nearly ruins it all. One of the most powerful metal mages on the planet, she’s used to going it alone, but she’s going to need friends to tame the Yard’s wild magic before time runs out.

Heat level: sweet. Contains no graphic love scenes.
Expect reasonable amounts of gore as monster heads explode and plenty of action.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Black Hound is finished!

Black Hound is with my editor. I'm working on a cover. I'll finish edits ASAP and publish it, probably by the end of April.

Excuse me while I duck out and get on to the next project.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Checking in

Quick summery: Yes I'm working on books. I'm also planning a wedding, going to be home schooling my youngest through senior year, and my dog died. Many things happening.

My health is great, spring allergies are much better than ever before thanks to consuming organ meats (in pill form, because yuck). My creative juices, which had dried up for a while due to too much evening primrose lotion, are reviving. Be respectful of hormones, and yes, what you put on your skin does get in your body.

Today is about hyperlinks on a project, tomorrow I squeeze in notes on a book and run around town, and this weekend...? At least I have a social life.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Setting up books for print at CrtSp

Ugh. Finally got Earth & Fire, books 1 & 2 of the Fire, Stone & Water series, set up for CreateSpace. I remember now why I hated doing that. It's never right the first time, requiring time consuming tweaks. Also, their Cover Creator is lame. All the pre-made covers suck, so it's either pay for a cover or make your own, which takes more time...

Of course I would have needed to do that if I didn't revise the book, and I chose to make that happen. Hopefully, the next one will be easier.

In other news, I made soap last night. Playing with dangerous chemicals and transforming gooey waste product into cleaner was deeply satisfying.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My dog had a stroke, catching up

My dog had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. He's doing better, but he's almost 13, so I'm babying him.

Today I caught up on housekeeping: fixing my website, resetting broken links. I finished re-editing the Fire, Stone and Water series and am updating the print book, which has predictably taken up several days, because nothing can ever be simple as uploading a file and walking away.

I also noticed that half my books were not checked for distribution to B&N. Good grief, how long has that been going on, a couple of months? Fixed it.

At least I'm never bored.

Winter sun finally peeked over the top of my new neighbor's gigantic two story house. We're still house hunting, but pickings are slim. Hopefully it will pick up toward spring.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My books are character driven, which means I can't sit down and plot the whole book out; things change as people do. Even if I could, the book would feel pre-written and boring. Ask me how I know.

The great part about that is every day of writing is a surprise. The downside is that every day starts with a blank page. I brainstorm, come up with ideas, but essentially, writers make something out of nothing.

Right now I know sort of how Black Hound ends, but how the book gets from where I am to that point. Every day I solve more of that puzzle.

This is the part where I usually get fussy and start to think I should query a publisher, have someone else deal with cover design, formatting and edits. The temptation's always there, but it's so nice having control of the process...when I'm not tired. Never make decisions when you're tired, sick or stressed.

As it is, I'm thinking of buying a Mac just so I can use the Vellum book formatting program. It would be nice to spend less time on technical stuff. We'll see.