Saturday, June 16, 2018

Black Hound coming out in print shortly

Thank you for supporting the release of my ebook, Black Hound! The print version should be available next week (Amazon is reviewing it now).

I celebrated release day by grocery shopping, cleaning house and capturing a swarm of bees in a horse coral to repopulate our be hive.

The bees were starting to swarm when we got there, so I gave the branch a sharp shake and the clump dropped into the cardboard box we brought. Hopefully there's a queen in there; we'll know in a few days. If not, we might be able to buy a queen from a local bee keeper.

It was pretty funny. We were driving down the road on the short trip to our hives and the bees were escaping the cardboard box in the trunk. Of course we were wearing bee suits, because no one wants to deal with bees while driving.

We got out of the car and my husband had a long walk across an uneven field carrying a box of escaping bees to the empty hive. The grass was tall, and predictably we were picking ticks off our bee suits when we were done.

We also had to use a shop vac to get all the leftover bees out of the car, because they didn't want to leave.

We were super excited to get the swarm, agreeing it was one of the best dates ever. Bees are in limited supply and only available in spring, costing about $100 per swarm, and that's not including hives and equipment. We also have three more empty hives, so if you live close to Spokane and have a loose swarm, we'd love to fill our hives.

Bees are necessary for fruit and many other crops and pesticides kill them by the millions. I love eating, so I'm happy to keep the population going when I can. Besides, honey from freshly crushed comb is ecstasy; we're addicted, and our friends say it's better than commercially spun honey. My husband grumbles when we have to buy commercial honey, says it's just not as tasty.

I can't prove it, but I think it's because they get to use the fresh, clean wax their body naturally produces to make storage cells, instead of gunky old wax left over from spun honey. Whatever the reason, yum!

That said, processing honey is a lot of work, and not everyone has the guts to work with bees. Commercial keepers work hard to keep their hives alive and food on our table. In honor of them, I think I'll celebrate with the big bag of cherries I just bought. Mmm, cherries...

Friday, June 8, 2018

Breaker's Ruin is now available in print!

Breaker's Ruin is now available in print!

Not to be confused with Black Hound, which is out in ebook 6/15/2018. Print will follow soon after that.

I thought I had figured out how to set a book up in print, no problem, but I give myself a whole day to do it anyway. Yesterday I needed it, because amazon's cover creator glitched. I spend a large chunk of time doing the cover with a template on GIMP. Yay, I learned something new...ready to go back to the easy way...

So what's next? Doing some plotting today, so we'll see about that. Right now I'm working in the Convergence world and it will likely involve dragons...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Preorder links for Black Hound!

Preorder links for Black Hound on Amazon, Kobo, ibooks and SmashWords!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Black Hound edits done

Black Hound edits done, pre-order link should appear soon, will post link when it goes live. Release date June 15.

Tomorrow I work on the paperback version.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I have edits! Plus, a Black Hound snippet: It's morning

Coming June 15

I'm going to spend the next week on edits, but that's very boring for you, so here's an exciting snippet to whet your appitite.

From the next Convergence book, Black Hound. Available June 15 wherever ebooks are sold.

Wait! If that thing’s a foot thick, how are you getting cell reception?”
She blinked. When the answer came to her, she grinned. “I’m magic, cuz.”
His swearing was good-natured this time. The man forgot she wasn’t a helpless kid anymore. “Whatever. Get back to work.”
If you’d quit bugging me, I would,” she retorted in good humor, and hung up. With Ike soothed, she was able to focus and make rapid changes. First up was a garage door that looked seamless from the outside and a camouflaged man door. She sent Iron Eagle off to Ike with the key so he’d feel better.
She ran a line of thick bulletproof glass all the way around the spiral to let some light in, tinting it on the outside so it appeared like the rest of the gray steel shell to an observer. She studied it for a moment, reconsidered and added a rainbow of colors, making the light dance. After that she had to color the inside wall of the spiral white to better reflect the ribbons of light, add a few strategic mirrors...
Much better!
After lunch and a text to her twitchy cousin, she set up camp. An indoor outhouse was a necessary evil until she could work on plumbing, but it was easy to form a small stainless steel kitchen, storage shelves and a platform for her sleeping bag and thin foam mattress. She set up a map on a steel table and studied it, then made a curving stair to the peak of the roof where she formed a camouflaged observation window.
She groaned as she climbed, totally wiped out. Setting up house was exhausting, and she’d done it two days in a row.
The light was fading. The sunset turned piles of junk into mysterious hills of darkness. She noted the rising mist and was glad she’d installed special air filters in the Spire. She glanced ruefully down the stairs and thought about an elevator…later. When she wasn’t seeing double. She’d pushed her limits again.
Of course, if she didn’t push them, how would she know where they were?

A knock sounded at o'dark-thirty, waking Rue from a dead sleep. She fumbled for her phone and squinted at the screen. Yep, it was early.
The knock came again. She flicked on a battery powered camping lamp and got up, retrieved her gun, and looked through the disguised safety glass window. Moonlight revealed four men, but without a yard light, that’s all she could make out. Clearly that was an oversight, but she hadn’t thought she’d need one, not this soon. What would possess someone to visit the Yard at night? Unless they were dangerous themselves…
She wasn't about to let them in.
What?” she called.
We come in peace. We’d like to buy some metal.”
She scoffed. Metal? At this hour? “Come back in the morning and we’ll talk.”
Your word on it?”
That was odd. Words had power in this age, and the more powerful the person, the stronger the consequences. Still, there was no harm in talking. “Come back tomorrow and I will talk with you about metal,” she said carefully. “You have my word.”
They returned at four AM.
She stumbled to the door, stupid with sleep. “What are you doing?” she snarled, tempted to smash them like bugs.
It's morning,” the persistent visitor said mildly.
ARGH! She dragged a hand over her face to scrub away the sleep and checked the window; still dark out. It was hard to think before coffee.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bramble Burn is available in print!

My editor is dealing with injuries, so the fastest way to hurry the book along is to pray intensely for her health and healing. Otherwise, be patient. No one ever died from a delayed book release.

Meanwhile, excitement! Bramble Burn is now available in print! Working on Breaker's Ruin print shortly.

 Buy it on!

Black Hound cover reveal


Black Hound
available June 15
(Lord willing and the creek don't rise)

Convergence Series Book 3

It had been thirty years since the Convergence, when the dimensions aligned and combined Earth and the world of Gwyllon, known in human mythology as “Underhill”. Elven castles and ancient ruins sprouted in vacant lots, on major highways, sometimes merging with existing buildings, twisting into completely new structures. Roads and rail systems reformed, and after the rioting, starvation and death, agriculture finally sorted itself and food began to flow. A new government formed of elves and men had arisen, a society of human tech and elven magic. Cell phones and frost giants, race cars and elven steeds, dungeons and dragons…

And everywhere, monsters.

Black Hound

Metal mage Rue Smith is no one’s tool. When dark elves try to invade her junkyard and trick her out of precious black metal, she fights dirty. With killer robots and a floating Watchtower made from classic cars, she dominates the monster plagued Yard and terminates the bad guys.

Despite deafening construction on the dwarf fortress next door and unwanted attraction to her evil security chief, she kicks monster butt and holds her own with the city’s elite, until a near fatal accident nearly ruins it all. One of the most powerful metal mages on the planet, she’s used to going it alone, but she’s going to need friends to tame the Yard’s wild magic before time runs out.

Heat level: sweet. Contains no graphic love scenes.
Expect reasonable amounts of gore as monster heads explode and plenty of action.