Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring beat me up and took my lunch money. We are not friends. I'd move, but that's not a guaranteed cure all. From now on, I'm just going to take spring off.

We have a graduate! My eldest is graduating high school in a couple of days, so that's cool. Even better, he has a job and a plan for his future.

I've done no writing the last few weeks thanks to Senior Pollen, mostly because I couldn't string two thoughts together. That's okay, my boss is understanding. Por la muerte del calcitin!

My Spanish is coming along, I did my annual spring sewing and things are back to normal. God willing, I will greatly enjoy my summer. Tiene un bonito pato!

My kids are picking up a few words of Spanish, too. Hard to forget when your mom mock attacks you with a sock crying, "Death by sock!" in Spanish. My youngest finds the Spanish pickup lines hilarious and repeats them to his buddies (I wish I were cross eyed so I could see you twice). There's also the funny ones, like, "You have a beautiful duck."

There's also the fun of saying naughty things to my husband at dinner in Spanish just to see him grin. We have a secret our house, at least.