Monday, September 30, 2013

Fight scene, deadline, Iron Man 3

I'm in the middle of a fight scene and yawning. Didn't sleep well last night, either due to high wind or being irked. Nothing spoils a "relaxing" book like a kid who asks non-stop questions.

Granted, I was tired. I had to reformulated my trusty gluten free flour mix because the brand I was using was soy contaminated. (Really, Bob? You broke my heart.) That meant milling my own bean flour with the mill I bought and then toasting the flour in the microwave. I had to test it in a pancake mix to see how it worked, then mix a gallon batch for cooking, in addition to the million and one other things I had to do. So yeah, I was grumpy.

Tonight is supposed to be movie night with Iron Man 3 and popcorn. Should be fun, though I may keep the spray bottle at hand just in case the chatty kids need a jet. It's easier than growling at them to be quiet.

Today is going to be productive; I just need a few more cups of tea.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Time flies when I'm working. I've had a great time working on Wind Burn the last few days. Apparently an intense period of canning was exactly what I needed to shake the cobwebs off, because the story is flowing nicely. In fact, I need to take time to cook today before the family rebels. After this scene, maybe. I really want to get this done before my parents arrive. Talk about motivation.