Thursday, April 28, 2016


According to Dulingo, the Spanish app, I'm now 10% fluent in Spanish. Having a great time flirting with my husband, baffling my children. It's so much fun, like knowing a secret code, and I even got John to play with the app so he can understand what I'm saying. Mi guapo hombre!

It's like a video game, so I'm powering through the lessons, eager to reach a fluent level so I can start the French course. Watching Spanish cooking shows and reading magazines helps. Amazing how much I can pick up already.
I woke to a strange sound this morning...deep, even breathing. It made me realize it's been a long, long time since I was able to do that. Also, it was 5:30 am and I was fully rested; a very rare thing.

I've been wearing three ply cotton masks all spring that helped tremendously with pollen, but according to my yearly pollen/symptom notes, I shouldn't fee this good for at least a week. The only thing I've been doing differently the last three days has been taking a Viva Lab's CoQ10 ( with a turmeric cap. I hadn't liked CoQ10 because taken alone it makes me jittery, but with turmeric, there's no issue. No idea why, but I'm sleeping better, have less muscle pain, more energy and I'm feeling rested after sleep for a change. My dreams are pleasant, too.

I gave CoQ10 and turmeric a go to deal with stress/depression (being stuck inside for weeks during pollen season will do that). I figured if I couldn't be healthy, I could at least be happy. Darned if I haven't killed two birds with one stone.

I'm leery of miracle cures, but if this helps asthma, maybe it will help my allergies and extreme chemical sensitivity, too. Regardless, I'm grateful for the relief.

As a side note, I tried nettle to help with allergies and it messed with my (tends to be low) blood sugar, causing hypoglycemia and stinging leg pain. Ouch!

I also tried a homeopathic tree pollen mix that was noticeably helpful (30-40%), but not stellar. The failed remedies did give me a good baseline for comparison with CoQ10, however, which I will keep in stock.