Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cookbook nearly ready!

I've finished the cookbook and am trying to make it behave as an epub file. Been busy trying to fix the cookbook formatting, doing paperwork for home school, fixing/updating computers, etc. Thankfully, I'm healthy and back in work mode, which couldn't have happened at a better time.

Updates from facebook:

At Gabby's request, we're going to home school her. Her high school is overcrowded and even the teachers admit they don't like working there. She's been coming home upset this past week, but we've seen this coming for a while. The online school is great b/c the teachers have less students per teacher, teachers work with the kids via video conference and students work with each other via teacher led chat rooms. They also have better art and computer programs, which don't exist in her high school. We've done it twice in the past with Seth, each time with excellent results.

We will be home schooling Seth as well. Despite talking to his teachers, he's bored out of his mind while his class practices counting money. He's autistic, but highly capable. While the teachers are kind, they aren't feeding his mind. He was supposed to take computer classes this year on game design, and instead they've got him doing (paid) office work and working at a flower shop (partly paid) for up to 5 hrs a day. I'm glad they're trying to help, but frustrated, too. Online classes will solve many issues and leave him time for a part time job.
Good thing I work at home. I love my job!

Despite doing IEPs, the school never explained that a "certificate of completion" doesn't equal a diploma or GED when it comes to getting jobs, and yes, we asked. Also, if you get a "certificate", you can't go back and get a GED. Home school intervention happened just in time.

Day one of homeschooling, working on Khan Academy while we await arrival of materials. Seth's learning coding. He's so excited, he keeps having to take breaks because, "My head is finally being fed knowledge!" He's convinced his high school would have never taught him coding. Also, he now has a purpose for x X x Y = Z. This is good, b/c he hasn't progressed in math since I last home schooled; his class had him counting money! Grr...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Gluten Free Cookbook

American Gluten Free is the perfect way to feed a family on a budget with treats like fried chicken, egg rolls, onion rings, stir fry, waffles and cornbread. Need a special dish? Celebrate the holidays with green bean casserole and butternut squash with bacon and cranberries. Allergic to soy or dairy? I’ve got you covered with easy to find, inexpensive ingredients.
From ribs and baked beans to sweet corn and fries, discover how familiar and comforting American Gluten Free can be. 

I hired Gabby to make me a cookbook cover. She has a thing for short skirts lately and I had to remind her not to add pointy ears and wings, but I like it. Working on edits, hope to release it in a couple of weeks.