Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Steel Sky

Ha! Thought that was a book, didn't you? Nope, it's the weather, week 3. It snowed today, so that was different, but otherwise it's been steel gray skies for most of January. How can we bribe the sun to come out? Will it accept cookies?

Kids are home. We have family eye appointments, plus school was going to start two hours late due to snow, so I gave them a holiday.

My parents left the RV in storage here and flew out yesterday. We went to the RV show and Mom and I went couch shopping. Just to torment her, we'd put black duck tape on our peeling chocolate brown, 2nd hand couch; upholsters hate that. Taking apart truck seats with sticky tape drove my mom crazy. Also, the couch swallowed my parents and hurt their backs, and tall people couldn't nap without their feet propped up on the arm. Hence, the kid's couch is being retired as soon as the new chocolate "leather" sectional is delivered. The vinyl is quality and the foam firm, plus the deck suits the petite in the family. It's also the only new furniture I've bought since the move, and I think I'll be very happy with it. I know my guests will be happy to have an option other than the floor or camping cot. That stuff gets old after 30.

My daughter likes to pose her Monster High dolls. I enjoy watching the stories unfold. Here her dolls are meeting the newest member. Looks like one group is plotting against her.

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