Friday, August 8, 2014

I just realized I didn't have a blog button on my website, so I fixed it. I know just enough about website design to squeak by. Lately I've gotten emails telling me that my site isn't optimized, they can help me get better Google ranking, etc. I don't know what that is or why I would want it or if it would have value to me. I do know its not going to be free and I've very dubious of salesmen.

Writer’s secret: exciting minor characters and unfinished story lines keep reader interest hot. I still think about Dara Joy’s unfinished Knight of a Trillion Stars series. Couldn’t she have finished Triad’s story? Now we’ll never know and her name will linger in my mind.
There’s no secret to striking book gold. Write good books and keep them coming. Website, blog, good covers and editing. Tricks will only embarrass you when you read it later. I look at some of my older books and wince from time to time. Good books, but I think I’m a better writer now.

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