Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Been distracted with stuff, but cranking out pages. Made baked chicken drumsticks marinated in Frank's Hot Sauce, salt, rice flour and homemade Ranch seasoning. Family devoured every crumb, even the leftover skins from the thighs that had crisped to crackling brown goodness. The youngest sat there with a fork, scraping the crumbs from the pan, and who could blame him? The meat was almost buttery.

He's started asking if I'll ship him food when he moves to Alaska. I laughed and told him I'd show him how to cook. The cookbook I'm working on is for my family and friends, because taking knowledge to the grave is stupid and selfish. Unless it's a world destroying artifact, give your kids the gift of your best chocolate cake, for Pete's sake! What good's it going to do you when you're dead?

I'll put the cookbook up for sale, because that's what I do and I love to share. Everyone should have delicious chicken in their life.

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