Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bramble Burn is up to 147 pgs. I'm toying with submitting this one to Montlake, purely for diversification. Advertising isn't something I enjoy, and they have people who do that, among other things. There's no way to know what will make more money long term, but I'm at the point where I can't do everything on my own all the time.

I'm grateful to whoever invented epi-pens, as they saved my bacon again last night. My wonderful husband was making steak for dinner and cut up the butternut squash for our roast butternut with bacon side, but he forgot to wash the squash first. I shouldn't have eaten any, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I love the dish.

That was not the smart thing to do. Took coffee, oral allergy meds and herbal stuff, but I still needed the pen. Tonight I'll crash when it wears off.

It added an extra sweetness to our good morning, that I was around to enjoy it.

In other news, I found I can use gluten free acetaminophen without asthma. Very cool. Also, following the Stanford Diet (low fodmap) my doc recommended has nicely settled my stomach, plus my belt is two notches tighter. Pretty cool.


  1. I'm glad you are okay! That is scary stuff!

    1. Thanks. I think I subconsciously test myself to check if I still have allergies when I've been doing really well. Yep, still there!

      I will admit to not getting kids with peanut allergies for a long time. Now that I have them, heck yeah! Ban peanuts from grade school...or at least make a designated eating area.

      At least I have nuts, chocolate and wine. Throw in steak and shellfish and I still dine pretty well.

  2. I enjoy reading your books and I am very glad u sell them as ebooks so I can carry my entire library of books with me if I enjoy a book I read it more than once I have every book you have written so far and am waiting for Bramble Burn to be finished, I enjoy your reading what you have done and love the cover photo

    1. Don't worry, all my books will always be available in ebook form. Ebooks rule!

      Glad you enjoy my books. Bramble Burn should be done this spring, and I'll announce it if I'll be self-publishing or not.