Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Computers...loading 98%

300 G of data transfer via "Easy Windows File Transfer" takes nearly 24 hrs. I don't recommend it if the computers are in your bedroom, complete with blinking lights.

Also, it will torment you for 2 or 3 hrs with a "1 minute" to finish screen. Longest minute of my life. Sadists.

I need more memory. How did I use up a terabyte?

I now need a laptop. Granted, I squeaked 6 years out of my laptop (like dog years), but I don't want to buy a laptop and set it up again. Whine.

At least I have a family computer guy visiting. He seconded my bid to get rid of the giant tower my sweetie was saving in the garage.

At least wheat harvest is winding down. I don't think I can handle much more time stuck inside. There's smoke, but that's not as bad.

100 F today, sunny. Plums are about ready to pick, yard looks awesome.

School clothes shopping/supplies upcoming. Last kid in driver"s Ed next week.

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