Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finally back to work

Can't believe that I've had asthma troubles for two months. I'm improving, though. The doc gave me a steroid shot, which appeared to do little but make my skin breakout, but he also prescribed a Qvar steroid inhaler, which does seem to work, but not without being frank about the possible side effects.

Pharmacist with a sympathetic look: That will be $90.

Me: Sigh. Any side effects I should know? My doctor didn't even say how long I need to take this stuff.

Her: Two weeks should bring the inflammation down. Just don't read the paperwork; it will scare you to death. Don't worry about that, though; you'll be fine.

Me: O.o

Being a reader, I couldn't help glancing at the paperwork when I got home. The first thing I saw in bold: Notice to coroners and mortuary overseers.

Me: !!!

Of course, it was part of the patient rights page info, but I showed it to my husband. "Hey, remember what the pharmacist said about not reading the scary paperwork?"

John: O.O  !!!?

It's good to laugh.

It's even better to be working again. Talk about moral boost! I'm not up to creative writing yet, but I hope to have my cookbook done and published in the next couple of weeks so that's out of my hair. It's been a really challenging year, but I have high hopes it's going in a good direction.

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