Sunday, July 24, 2016

New covers

Smashwords needed larger covers and I didn't have large versions of the older ones, so I remade a few:

I had energy thanks to this:

HemeMAX - Heme Iron Supplement for Women and Men | 1 Month Supply | Non-Constipating | Safest Form of Iron | Highest Absorption | 1 Pill = 6oz Steak Worth of Heme Iron | Hemin Supplement

Working my way through list of things that got put off. Our youngest just turned 16 and our eldest graduated this year. A couple more years and everyone should be graduated and employed. :)

Lovely sunny day. There's pollen out but it's not bothering me inside so life is good. I haven't written yet, but the fact that I can think about it without a panic attack is progress. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy my summer.

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