Monday, February 6, 2017

For my very patient readers who haven't harassed me about when the next book is coming out; thank you. I'm trying some things. It took about a month before I had enough stamina to walk around the block after the bee stings, and I couldn’t read a book for a couple of months bc I couldn’t concentrate.

Obviously, writing was out of the question, and there's still the problem of not sitting for long periods since my tailbone injury (13 wks now). I'm going to try voice recording vs writing (hasn't worked in the past, but I will MAKE it work) to get the uninterrupted stream of consciousness, and then transcribe it via voice-to-text. I'd do voice-to-text directly, but my phone can't keep up and keeps cutting out after a few sentences, forcing me to restart the mic. Combined with typos, it makes me nuts. However, I'm a creative girl. I've got this.

God willing, I'll have something rough by the time pollen hits. Since I've kept notes the last few years, I know it'll blank my brain for a solid six weeks, probably bring on bronchitis (dodged it last year with masks) and leave me too wiped from asthma to walk around the block for up to a month (last year, unfortunately).

Since I know what to expect, I've got a battle plan. This is an opportunity to overcome a challenge. I like challenges.

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