Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dutifully logged paychecks and receipts today. Figured weekend mornings on the first of the month was a good time, instead of waiting until night when my brain was fried. My system is improving, finally. Accounting doesn't come naturally, but practice helps. The biggest thing is the logging the bank deposits as they come in and monthly updating the expense spreadsheet. If I keep that up, tax time won't be the nightmare I've let it be.

Now if only I can find the most opportune time to exercise. A walking buddy would help.

My taste buds have shifted since going gluten free. Flavored popcorn (ranch, BBQ or salt, pepper and blackberry balsamic vinegar with olive oil) is tastier than cookies. Brownies and cupcakes remain delicious, however.

Figured out what was wrong with SE; not enough conflict. I needed a problem to solve, so I read what I had so far and came up with some stuff to make Tremor's life more complicated. Much more satisfying!

Need to get my seed and plant order in soon. Why are the luffa's so appealing? I know I can't grow them without a greenhouse, and yet they're so very tempting. Grow my own sponges? It's almost having my own shoe tree.

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