Monday, February 10, 2014

Seeds n stuff

A reader asked:

Since I have picked up that you are a great gardener, and from Alaska, are you familiar with "Best Cool Seeds" or Denali Seed company? I consider putting in an order. It's rather cold here in Norway as well, so I did imagine that it might be a good match.

While my greatness is still to be determined, I do garden. Denali Seeds are common in AK, and I've grown their stuff with good results when I lived there. Since Norway is on a similar latitude, I'd assume their seeds would work there.

I bet you grow good cabbage; they don't seem to like Spokane summers. Maybe they're a winter crop? They get root maggots and remain tiny, which is a big disappointment when I'm accustomed to 40 lb heads (the midnight sun, cool summers make amazing cole crops).

On the other hand, I can grow fruit and warm weather stuff here, so it works out. Squash! Peppers, tomatoes! Alas, eggplant is so glossy and pretty, but can't convince my family it's tasty. Maybe I can grow a row for Second Harvest? 

Me: It's for charity, baby.

John: It's eggplant.

Me: But it's so pretty! Look at that shine.

John : <_>

Me: Promise you won't give it away to the neighbors this year and I will grow squash next year. Mm, yummy pumpkin pie!

John: What about the cherry tomatoes? Can I give them away?

Me: It's a conspiracy, isn't it? You and the kids are plotting on me. Fine, I'll plant beets.

John: You're the best, honey.

Me: Uh huh. About that greenhouse...

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  1. Thanks :) I would still love to see your garden.
    I do have egg plants in the greenhouse, try the sort "Ophelia" if you want a fast little one.

    I'm not much of a cabbage grower, the maggots and other bugs ruins everything. But i have som small outdore cucumbers during the summer, and crocuetts and some pumpkin. Bell pepper, chilli and tomatoes are in the greenhouse. It's so nice to pick wegs in the garden and then make something nice of them in the kitchen. A nice UK page that migt be of interest to you; They have a lot of old heriloom wegs and also nice new sorts.