Monday, September 1, 2014

Haunt featured in a new series!

I get so many requests for Dark Lands books that I've decided to feature the Haunt in a new series. New book, new world, new characters.

More to follow.


  1. Yea!! I am beyond excited!! I would also love to see a follow up on the Harrisdaughter Sisters! They also rock my world and remind me of my 4 sisters and me! :)

  2. No rest for the wicked, I see :) Clearly, I need to put more sisters in my books.

  3. So, So excited! The Dark Land books are my favorites of all of your series. I would love to read more about the Haunt. I also agree with Wendy above the Harrisdaughter books were great as well. A follow up book with them would be great as well. I always hoped you might write books with Shiza and Namae' s and Toosun stories. Do you think you might ever go back to that series as well?

    1. I did start a story in that world, eons ago, but never finished it. Maybe I'll do something with it one day.