Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Canada, snippets

My parents are in Canada and should arrive Saturday or Sunday. Thankfully, John's on furlong since the govt. has helpfully shut down. Excuse me, "slimmed down". Anyway, he's helping and I'm writing.

The story is coming in pieces, so I'm writing scenes as I get them rather than trying to find the whole plot. Whatever advances the book.

Snippets are about to get painful. You're moving into a tough stretch for Gale and might need tissues. I'll try to keep the emotional scenes together so you can get the whole feel, but be advised you're going to be want me to hurry up so that you can see some silver lining. I'm not going to rush, so keep it in mind if you think these will make you antsy.

I've got the final scene of the book done, but I have to connect a lot of dots before it's finished. Speaking of, back to work.

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