Friday, October 18, 2013

Why write books out of order?

I wrote Fire, Stone and Water out of order because that's how they came to me. I began Scorched Earth with good intentions, but had to set it aside when I realized that's not the one that flowed best at the time. Wind Burn came to me before Scorched Earth, so that had to be completed, too. Now I feel as if I know Tremor and Cara enough to complete their book. After all, their world and relationships are already in place.

I'm making a stronger effort to complete a series before moving on. It's nice to have a break between long books, and I always have ideas, but there are worlds I want to complete. Besides, my books have been shorter lately; I have that freedom since I'm not working to please a publisher.

I won't be writing a 20 book series of anything. Do it once, do it right, and move on. I like fresh stuff, unique, different. Much as I like Feehan, after a zillion books, there's always a waterfall with a hot springs, extra gross vampires, silly spells (really??) and stuff that gets repeated. And yet, I keep reading about Carpathians. What's wrong with me?

I think it's the Alpha male, marriage that lasts forever, no Dukes of Slut that appeals. The men are nice to the women, protective, concerned for their safety and happiness. Except for Zachariah, I think his name was. Abusive much? Not a favorite.

Have a stomach bug and rambling today. Think I'll go do something about it.

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