Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Parents are gone

Parents are gone. Big, gusty sigh. Decompressed yesterday.

As a book is made, multiple versions exist. Today I had to search the computer for ten minutes to find the most recent, since it saved in an odd place. Whew! Saved it under a new name and took the time to (carefully) delete old copies. I don't want to rewrite a scene.

Honestly, it's worse than misplacing your car keys.

Wind Burn is scheduled for early November.


  1. Good that things are working out. Early November is wonderful.
    Great snippet. Hope your allergies are behaving and writing will go easy on this last one.

  2. Allergies are barely noticeable thanks; touch breathless, maybe. Had to think about it. Getting over a cold/stomach bug, Mostly it made me tired and killed my appetite. Nothing like the kids came down with. So far, writing going smoothly ;)