Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Break

John brought home a cold that's trying to get me, but it's not bad yet, so I'm doing taxes. It's made a little more fun because I put the year's birthday, mother's day, etc. cards in the receipt pile. Nice to smile while doing paperwork :)

Made pot of chicken soup yesterday and it's nearly gone. Clearly, I need to start making it by the vat.

Been practicing guitar for the last few days and working out, limiting fat and carbs. My mission is to quit complaining about stuff and actually do something.

Reading body language book; very helpful stuff. I get overwhelmed in crowds; too much stimuli. Hopefully this will channel my natural body lang. reading gift in a way that will make people watching fun.

At some point will attempt GFCF cookie baking. This should be interesting.

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