Sunday, December 29, 2013

I won't be posting earnings from here on out.

I won't be posting earnings from here on out. I've already proven that yes, money can be made at this gig and I don't need the ego boost. Also, I've run into some envy in my personal life, and though I'm better off for losing that particular connection and more productive as a result, I do get why people are close mouthed about their success.

My holiday has been very relaxing. I've read a lot of books and generally recharged. Yesterday I got some plotting done and I plan to do the same today. Watched a Discovery Channel TV marathon of Mermaids: New Evidence and a thing on Megalodon (Giant Shark) that uncharacteristically kept me highly entertained. It was followed by an interesting piece on Nessie by the River Monsters guy. Made sense to me, esp. the part where the Loch is too sparsely stocked with fish to support many large animals, but critters might swim in from the sea following salmon.

Regarding Tremor: to mushroom, or not to mushroom? That is the question. How evil and creative can I be? Leaning toward evil ;)

Amazing how reading about mushrooms removing heavy chemicals from toxic soil can translate in the creative mind.

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