Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sharkk mouse and Microsoft keyboard

I got the Sharkk ergonomic mouse and so far both my husband and I love it. He digs it because it works as a remote when watching TV via computer, and I find it much more comfortable than a regular mouse because my wrist doesn't have to rotate. It's also surprisingly light, and it's a laser mouse, so I can use my thigh as a mouse pad, which also helps. Less wrist strain = more work done, so I'm pleased.

I've been using the Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 for five minutes, so can't give too much feed back. It's intuitive and does seem to help my shoulders, arms and wrists right off the bat. I have a feeling I'll like it.

Thought allergy season was over, so I spent extra time outside soaking up the sun and ended with a raging, spectacular headache. According to my calendar where I keep notes from prior years, I need to be careful for a couple of weeks still, but then I'll be home free.

Meanwhile, I'll make hay by breaking in my ergonomic stuff. Breaker and Daisy need my attention.

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