Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flying highlights

Kids got stuck an extra two hours in Anchorage. I think it was an excellent learning experience; they got to learn the purpose of carry on (don't just take a pack of gum and one magazine, pack for survival and major boredom).

One of their uncles who lived there was going to fetch them and take them to dinner, but due to a communications snafu with the airline departure times, that fell through. At one point my husband was using two phones to relay info between kids and grandma, who was waiting to pick them up. She had a big dinner cooked and relatives over, but no kids, so she was mad at AK Air.

Of course the kids were also stressed out. I sent my cell with them (it's Net 10 and has a zillion hours, since I barely use it). There were battles over who got the phone, at least one melt down and a cussing out. Airplanes will do that to the most mild of us, especially when lack of sleep is a factor. Still, they arrived in Fairbanks, got luggage, were fed and given a bed. All is well.

Given the late hour, I didn't expect an early hello, but my least morning person, the youngest, called. Apparently my mom's Yorkie-poodle mix was very happy to see the kids. It's hard to ignore ten pounds of wiggling, licking dog when Rosie is happy to see you.

So far I've gotten three calls, one about how to get Grandma to stop cussing so much. And thus begins the grand Alaska adventure!

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