Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Up too late, got up too early

Tired. Kids are going to Alaska for six weeks tomorrow to visit family, get on the plane early. It'll be weird but probably good for all of us. No squabbling kids for the summer!

Sunday John and I are going to watch a movie (Jurassic World) and have lunch for Father's Day. The kids have been cooking him goodies for early gifts, since they'll be gone.

My daughter helped her buddy shear sheep yesterday and today she's washing sheep wool in the driveway to use for stuffing. I'd laugh, but I did the same in my twenties to see what spinning was like and if I'd like it (no). It's a good experience, and just the sort of thing a daughter of mine would do.

I know where I'm going with Breaker's Ruin, getting closer. Daisy's about to have some growing pains as she's catapulted out of the nest.

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