Monday, June 22, 2015

Writing music, fixing a stuck plot

I enjoy Pandora Radio. I've got a mix of contemporary Christian music like Skillet, Sactus Real (I'm Not Alright) & the David Crowder Band (Lift Your Head Up Weary Sinner) and rock like Nickleback, Imagine Dragons and Fallout Boy. Good writing music, similar styles, few commercials.

I call the station "I'm Not Alright Radio". It's fitting.

Writing was dragging until it hit me; everything was going too smoothly. Daisy's family was too good. That's primary reason I don't read much Christian fiction, because nobody but God is that loving all the time, and it makes for boring, vanilla stories. Too whitewashed isn't fun. Who wants to read about someone who doesn't struggle with temptation and pain? The real stories of overcoming horrible stuff, the triumph of spirit, it much cooler.

So Daisy's in for it, but she's going to discover she's a fighter.

Also, I can't make Breaker too good or understanding, not yet. We like to live vicariously, to rip and tear through our characters. At times, Breaker has no brakes, and that's glorious. He really lives.

The world needs less PC. Hush, don't say that, don't do that, don't think that. Hah! Sometimes we just need to rage like toddlers. I think that's why I loved Godzilla. Sure he's destructive, but he doesn't sit there and debate every action to death.

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