Wednesday, July 8, 2015


So I sit down at my computer, rereading where I left BR at, and my youngest calls. There's an issue. I listen, but he has to go, someone is coming, he doesn't want to be overheard. Fine. Start to work. He calls back. Same issue, wants to discuss in greater detail. Do my best to advise, talk about boundaries and why rescuing is bad. Advised him that sometimes we just have to do the best we can and pray for grace. Also, the trip is short; three weeks and he'll be home. Enjoy the good parts, soldier on. Also said a short prayer with him, asking for grace and wisdom. Nice to know Someone with more patience is on the job, because I can't keep thinking about this and do my job.

Ugh! So much for a peaceful summer without interruptions. What the heck was I writing, anyway? Tempted to quit and stick with housework, but I want this book done.

We just bought wood for a pergola to shade the back of the house (and grow kiwis), so a paycheck would be nice. John's out working on it now, since he took a some time off from work for vacation. Home Depot has made this a frustrating project for him (online ordering for pickup did not go well), but progress is slowly happening.

On the plus side, beautiful summer weather, no mosquitoes and plenty of AC. Also, Master Chef tonight!

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