Monday, July 13, 2015

Pergola done, dog got hurt

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Have you seen the movie UP? Good flick.

The pergola frame, built of 6x6 posts to withstand our high winds, is up and stained and looks great. Our anniversary, Seth's 18th birthday and John's 42 birthday (all last week) were great. There was just one thing...

Our Australian Shepard, Jack, jumped over the tongue of the trailer the morning of John's birthday and sliced his belly open on the hitch. 22 stitches, 2 staples and a cone of shame later, the poor guy is healing up. Thankfully, I'd had the urge to shave him the week before (stupid wheat seeds were trapped in his coat, digging into his skin) so the vet had less hair to deal with. Also, it couldn't have happened at a better time, since the vet had just opened and we were only a mile away. So far his tab is $325 (thank you, emergency fund and Dave Ramsey). We go in tomorrow to see if he needs follow up work. I hope they remove the surgical tubing drain, because when we give him breaks from the cone, that's what he wants to tug on. Also, it leaks. Good thing we have hardwood.

Thanks to the cone, we have a new term. Now when Jack crashes into furniture with his "lampshade" headgear, Buck the dog or our legs, we say we've been "coned".

Yep, it's been an interesting, mostly good, vacation.

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