Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dogs, neighborhood, Breaker

Jack ripped out his tubing, so I get to apply hot packs twice a day and pick off his scabs so the wound will drain. Oh, joy.

Stitches come out in two weeks.

Speaking of dogs, oiling the coat with veggie oil before shaving makes the fur come off slicker than snot. Mowed of two inches of fluffy, curly hair, our terrier mix looks naked. John's banned me from shaving his face ever again. Not saying he's ugly, just...less cute. Plus, now we can see he's a bit fat, so less kibble for him.

Been getting a lot of urgent knocks on the doors later. One neighbor lost his dog, the other needed help fetching his step-dad's motorcycle. His step-dad wrecked, is in the hospital with a cracked skull, broken ribs and a concussion, last we heard. The bike fared better, but it was a goat rope fetching it. It took two trips to find it, since a kindly fellow (the one who reported the accident) had stuck it in his garage so someone wouldn't steal it. It wasn't until he called to give the pick up info that they were able to go back out and get it.

Breaker's story is going well. Daisy's having a Job of it, but instead of biblical disasters, she's being hit with the kind of things that happen to families all the time, one after another. Time to see what the girl who had the perfect life is made of.

I suppose I'd better post a snippet :)

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