Monday, March 28, 2016

Best spring in years

We added charcoal filters to the air purifiers and what a difference! If it moves air in our house, it gets a charcoal filter.

We installed a wood floor from Lumber Liquidators two years ago to deal with dust mites, so now we have to check for formaldehyde. Because of the lawsuit, they have free air quality test kits, which my husband is looking into. He's as amped as I am about my feeling good, and moral is high here.

Because I'm still using a mask (necessary even with the air purifiers), I'm having the best spring in a long time. I even made it a half hour in Walmart until I started getting foggy (even charcoal filters don't save me from the bakery for long). I've also been able to go on short walks to get out of the house, which is amazing. I haven't taken an allergy tablet since I began using the masks, which is nice, since I view medicine with suspicion. You know those viagra commercials with the long list of side affects at the end? Yeah...

The upshot of all of this is I'm getting work done. Time to spread the happiness around!

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