Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Herbs n Gargoyles

Alternative medicine is a wonderful thing. I'm taking feverfew to help with seasonal allergies (had a lot of rain kicking up mold lately), and I'll be planting my own supply shortly. It's a perennial, so that's exciting. I'm still very happy with the detox effect of the homemade khol, and I'm going to try some internal charcoal on some cysts my dog has.

Oil pulling: I've heard of it, but admit it sounds like a lot of work swishing oil in the mouth for 20 min. I guess I do wonder if the true benefit isn't the facial workout from moving your face muscles so much, rather than the oil. It makes sense that it would massage the sinus from the inside, making them drain.

However it works, some people swear by it. Anything that works without doctors or drugs is a good thing.

I'm working on a short gargoyle story in the I & H world. Needed a break from Tremor, and this is fun.

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