Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unexpected benefits to Indian Khol

I'm sleeping like a baby and my sinuses are crystal clear, sense of smell acute. The only thing I've done differently is using my homemade kohl. Looked up charcoal benefits and it's used for infections, toxins, heavy metals and poison removal (which I knew), and viruses, which I didn't. I can't yet guarantee that it's the charcoal helping my breathing, but I know it's absorbed by the eyes and conveniently positioned by my sinuses.

The Indians believe it helps clear toxins, but they also say the water of the eyes is due to toxins being washed out. Since my eyes don't water with rice bran oil, I assume the ghee they use is to blame for the eye irritation. It might be acid, since it's a fermented product.

Anyway, because I don't think the eye watering in their version was beneficial, I also wrongly thought the detox theory was overrated as well. Silly me.

Anyway, it wears well and looks smashing, so I'll keep using it.

Also, the homemade perfume is helping my lungs stay clear, giving me energy. Plus, it smells good and is super inexpensive, though I did have to tweak my recipe as the scent changed as it aged. Using a drop of lavender and orange in my dryer is making the clothes smell good and I think it's making them cleaner. I should probably add it straight to the laundry soap, but I'm worried it will wash away. One way to tell, I guess.

Will be fun to put it in a book.


  1. Do you keep your oils in dark glass? That should keep your oils from going bad. Plastic containers will make them go bad too :-). Also check up coconut oil pulling and it's totally helped my sinuses among other things too.

  2. I keep them in glass in a dark drawer. I have heard of oil pulling, but 20 minutes seems like a long time to swish oil around in the the mouth. You say it was worth it?

  3. The oil pulling has helped me alot, but it took about three days to be fully clear. If you have a really bad gag reflex the don't do it, but my headaches are gone, clearer skin, healthier hair, my teeth are whiter on top of my sinuses clearing up, is what makes me swish every morning