Friday, March 7, 2014

Maple Apple Butter with Rosemary

Had a killer GF brisket sandwich with homemade fruity BBQ, homemade pickles n whole grain mustard and maple rosemary apple butter. The smoked meat was almost buttery, and the apple butter rocked my world.

At home I made pear butter with rosemary and maple flavor, brown sugar and pinch salt, because I didn’t have apples. The rosemary and maple really elevate it. Not a fan of plain apple butter, but I’ll happily make this stuff!

Dreamed I was eating sheep cheese last night, because in my dream it was okay. ARGH! If only. I never dreamed of eating so much in my life. I'm coming up on one year for this stupid allergy, so I must be in mourning. Didn't know that was possible for a food, but there you go. At least I should be able to move forward after it's out of my system.

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