Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snippet: Ancient history

Got over my aversion to SE and I'm working on it. Think I objected to making a secondary romance, so I went ornery instead and embraced a character's stereotype. Much more satisfying, and a bit unusual for me.

Also, discovered the fun of checking out e-magazines from the library. Food Network awaits at the end of the day.

Also, loved the Agents of Shield segment last night. Lots of movie info. Captain America rocks!


She blinked, clueless. “Thonis.”
“You might know it as Heracleion. It was an Egyptian city near Alexandria…” He frowned. “I suppose it was before the founding of your country. Ancient history, to you.”
“I’ve heard of Alexandria. There was a lighthouse?” It was hard to grasp the scope of his crime, to feel outrage for something that had happened long, dusty years before she was born.
“Among other things. The Fates felt the humans were justified in their grievance and gave them the power to imprison me.”
“Can’t imagine why,” she murmured. Lovely. She had a psycho killer in the house. She rose to put away her bowl as much as to put distance between them and stumbled woozily, dropping the dish.
He caught her elbow. “You need to feed.” He set the bowl on the end table and guided her to the door, ignoring her protests.
It was dark outside, and the crickets were chirping madly. Cara was immediately taken with the feeling of grass under her bare feet. It tingled pleasantly, and she knelt to run her hand over the lawn, enjoying the springy texture. She dug her fingers into the turf, gasping when she touched loam. A surge of green energy flowed up her arm, curling through her body like smoke as it filled the emptiness food couldn’t touch. It was a high like laughter and sunshine, as comforting as a cup of tea on the front porch with an old friend. She was filling up, becoming uncomfortable, but didn’t want to lose the feeling.
“You need to slow down,” Tremor said, but she barely heard him. She was growing uncomfortable, but she wasn’t sure how to shut off the flow of energy, until it suddenly shut like a spigot. Immediately she felt miserably full, like she’d eaten too much Thanksgiving dinner. She groaned, but curling up hurt. Standing wasn’t any better, and her skin felt too tight, as if she would burst.
Tremor snorted with amusement. “You’ll have to sleep it off, love. Next time you’ll know.”


  1. Good Morning~

    Do you have an idea when you'll be done with the book and we'll be able to read it in full? Looking forward to enjoying the whole book~


  2. Will post as soon as I know. Hopefully, soon, but that's subject to my proof reader recovering from serious illness, too.