Thursday, June 5, 2014

Urban foraging, odd Wiki searches

If you're interested in urban foraging, here's a great map:

I want to pick blackberries! What a great way to spend a sunny morning.

Finally found a way to link to iTunes for my books:

I need to update my site, but first I have to exercise...yes, it's worth it. No, I can't stall with another Wiki search on Ming dynasty court eunuchs. (You'd be shocked what you encounter while trying to find out if your character could find an egg roll in Victorian England. They existed at that time, but there was no China Town per se, just a bunch of poor Jews, Irish and foreigners near the docks, trying to make a living in the slums.)

Besides, I think it's working, and John will ask like I asked him to keep me accountable. Sigh. Must detach from coffee mug.

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