Monday, July 7, 2014

Working on Rowan and Gold today, Sage's story. The van is in the body shop, because my teen scraped the passenger side on a pillar. I was in it at the time (he only has a permit) and was able to save the rear view mirror. Thankfully, it's only two years old and after the $500 deductible, insurance covers it.

I didn't yell, because he already felt bad. However, we're not in a hurry to let him get his licence quite yet. Besides doubling our insurance, he's not confident enough yet. He can take all the time he needs...while driving the practice car.

Holding on to our knickers, because our daughter will get her permit this fall, and our youngest next year. I don't even know what boredom is anymore.


  1. I wonder how you find time to write...
    Keep it up, I can't wait to read the next book! And the next, and next!

  2. Writing is my escape, but it's tough sometimes. I make a chore list and the kids do help between sibling squabbles. Silly me, I thought things would be easier as the kids got older. Joke's on me!