Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gargoyles n waffles

I've come to love some of the new things my allergies have forced me into. Waffle burgers, brats in a waffle bun with the works, the Southern fried chicken in cornmeal waffles, buffalo chicken or pulled pork waffle sandwiches with homemade siracha mayo and turmeric pickled onions.... Oh. My.

We've perfected No Bake Cookies with Rice Chex, and I made fortune cookies, which are going to become a staple. Of course, there's peanut butter pie, which makes my eyes cross to think about. I've even used waffles to make a French Toast breakfast casserole, and olive oil crust quiche is scooped up quickly here.

I have a rule, though. Food should not be weird. Who thought making a cauliflower crust pizza was a good idea? I'm embarrassed to admit I actually made that. Once.

Shaking it off. Brr.

Thankfully, I like to experiment, which is why all of my books are as different as I can make them. I hate repeated plots and personalities, and I don't like reading books where all the characters from the series try to crowd into the same book.

Which is why my gargoyles from Gargoyle Girl are going to hide in the attic as long as I can keep them there. Why are they so reclusive? What are they doing up there? The tension will be fun.

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