Wednesday, May 21, 2014

GGITA cover in progress

Covers need tweaking to match better, but almost there. I'm recovering from a blood sugar crash with bonus pollen, so that'll conveniently give me an excuse to work on them. Although feeling like this sucks, it's WAY better than it used to be, so I'm reminded how far I've come. It's only a few days until pollen is done, so that helps.

The neighbor has the cutest Aussie puppy and it's pure pleasure to watch her romp on their lawn. I took my Jack over to meet the pup, so that was fun. That neighbor is wonderful about training his dogs and makes me happy to see them.

Working with my daughter on covers is a learning curve for both of us. I show her highlighting and computer art tricks and she tries to be patient with me. She's doing great.

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