Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Snippet: dangerous men

A furious rush of conversation ensured. Everyone was concerned about elfish trickery, and Rook wondered why his wife had never mentioned the Creeds.
Griffin raised a hand. “Sage knows his business, thank you. The Creeds are ready to sell the business and retire, and they would like to see their daughter settled. They’d like to see if any of you catch Fiona’s eye.” His eyes twinkled as he glanced at Jordan. “Not all of us can be so lucky as to have our love dropped outside the gate.”
Jordan kissed his cheek. “You’re wonderful, too. I wish you’d let me know that company was coming sooner, though. We’ll need to stock more groceries and prepare rooms.”
Griffin snorted. “Mrs. Y could feed an army with what’s already in the pantry and cellar and the house will prepare the rooms. We’ll be fine.”
“Yes, but when are they coming?” Howl demanded. Charcoal grey with a light grey mane, his jaws were long, wolf-like, and his spine curved, giving him a slightly hunched look. His carriage was closer to a rearing dog than a man’s. His wit could be sharp and he had an unholy love of bacon. Sweets didn’t appeal to him. The gargoyle girl might be a wizard at candy, but could she be trusted?
Griffin glanced at the window, mildly concerned. “I’d expected them tonight, actually. They’re late.”
“Should we send out a scouting party?” Rook asked, ready to push from the table.
“You can’t go,” Lance reminded him. “Your first responsibility is your mate and eggs. “I’ll go. Lads?” He checked his brothers and nodded at their assents. “It’ll be fun.”
“Count me in,” Sam said, his eyes igniting red. “I can find anyone in dream world, and I can take you to her faster than you can fly.”
There were general groans and muttering. The gargoyles knew better than to ride a pooka without dire need. They weren’t called Nightmares for nothing.
“The last time you took us through the dream world, I had bad dreams for a month,” Lance complained. “You ran through a field of men with sledgehammers breaking sleeping gargoyles.” He shuddered.
Sam snorted. “You can handle a few bad dreams, tough guy. Let’s go.”
“Be careful,” Jordan called at the exodus.
Lance grunted and snatched one last roll, stuffing it in his mouth.
Jordan looked at Griffin. “Sam can run in the dream world? What does that mean? It sounds exciting.”
“No,” Griffin said firmly. “You don’t want any part of it, Jordan. Samhain is a great brother, but his gifts aren’t to be taken lightly. You can die in a dream, and Lance wasn’t joking about the nightmares. He woke screaming for weeks.” He looked at the empty doorway. “The family loves you, Jordan, and they would never hurt you, but never forget that my brothers are dangerous men. It comes in handy sometimes.”

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