Thursday, November 7, 2013

GF Flour Mix, Name Swapping

The trouble with working with multiple books in a series is during dialogue, I get the names switched. Thank God Judy calls me on it, or we'd be wondering why Kira kissed Surge and Alicia is ticked off at Tremor. Creative daze does weird things to a book.

A reader asked for my GF flour mix, so here you go. Like so many seeming disasters (Dorchester folding, being forced in self-pubbing for grocery money, my allergies turning nuclear) it turned out to be a good thing I was forced to reformulate, because this mix is superior. Pancakes and waffles are fluffier and breads more sturdy, yet light.

I'm close to a GF bread with no xanthan gum that's tasty. Will post when I've perfected it.

GF Flour Mix

1 c toasted bean flour (I mill my own using white beans)
3/4 c rice flour
1/4 c starch
1 tsp pectin

1. Mix all and use.

Go here to see how to make bean flour edible (not raw tasting) with the microwave:

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