Friday, November 15, 2013

Wind Burn is out!

Uploaded Wind Burn to Amazon and B&N, should show up there shortly. Already available at Smashwords.

She will make the north wind howl.

Tech Sergeant Gale Adam’s final flight over the North Pole is supposed to be routine; instead it changes her destiny.

Transformed by the Fates, tossed out of her KC-135, Gale is alone in the desolate arctic wilderness. Cursed with the power to destroy all she loves, can she prevent elemental Nitro from extinguishing her home, her family and their future?


  1. Glad you are done with Wind and working on Earth. I look forward to all 4 of the stories completed. Your a wonderful writer. I did check Barnes and Noble and there is no Wind yet, so I was curious if we're talking today? or couple days to upload? Really looking forward to reading it. Take Care~

  2. Never mind, it 'just' showed up. Laws of the Universe. *smile*