Monday, November 11, 2013

Wind Burn due out on the 15.

Wind Burn will be released Friday. Meanwhile I'm working on Scorched Earth.

My youngest wants to collect some of the goldfish someone released into a tiny pond in the field behind us. Sounds good to me, so I let him dig a small pond in the back yard. Pond liner is spendy, so we'll try waterproof black plastic first, concrete shell if that doesn't work.

We put new foam in the cushions of our second hand couch and used black duck tape to cover the peeling, chocolate brown vinyl. Actually looks fine, plus I get to torment my mom for a while :) Maybe I'll go couch hunting next year, but I want to take my time and get a quality couch I really like, maybe a sectional with one long cushion that would be comfortable for sleeping.

John had to buy a twin mattress for our oldest, who kept waking up with bad neck and shoulder pain. At 6"1 and 220 lbs, a squishy little mattress is not an option.

We made three peanut butter pies for my birthday and boy, were they good. Gotta try a flour-less chocolate cake next!

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