Wednesday, November 20, 2013


John has this fear of "cheap" extension cords, that they'll fry under a big power load. To avoid having a giant extension cord under my bed for a measly lamp, clock and heating pad, I texted him the watts and the cord's specs, impressing the socks off him. He never thought I'd look, but underestimated how I love winning arguments with logic.

Cost of Walmart cord: $2. Winning an electrical debate with a mechanic: priceless.

We broke down and got Direct TV. They offered us the first year free, plus free installation, so I'm enjoying Food Network and the Cooking Channel again. Love the shows that makeover failing restaurants.

My computer turned off in the middle of work and I'm still plagued by asthma (does my body not like persimmons? Good thing I didn't plant a tree or I'd be ticked). Despite this, I delivered our daughter to the dentist and school without getting lost. Last time I took a wrong turn on the way home, got stuck in construction, detoured, stepped in overflowing toilet water when I stopped to use a bathroom, and generally took the long way home.

Mind you, I was using a GPS.

Having made it home without incident, I'm giving myself permission to slack off and breathe.

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