Wednesday, April 22, 2015

After three freakishly LONG days, I got BB edited and uploaded. It will be available April 30, wherever ebooks are sold.

If you've ever edited 95 k on a deadline, you know what it feels like to have your eyeballs melt out of your sockets. Next time, I'll know that I need more time.

Due to pollen allergies, I have to view my yard mostly from the windows, but it looks great! Flowering fruit trees, daffodils and tulips perk me right up. We have quail in the backyard and birds enjoy our stone birdbaths and bird feeders. I have tomato and pepper starts in the windows and we've got a couple of peanuts for my youngest and I to experiment with. I still have to navigate pine pollen season, but after that I can play in the garden to my heart's content.

To combat the allergies, I've been taking lots of vitamin C (huge help, esp. with anemia), taking dairy free probiotics and experimenting with homemade miso (delicious).

The miso is made with red beans and rice and was cultivated using koji (rice cultured with special fungi) I ordered from Japan via Amazon. It took a month to get here, but I wasn't in a hurry and it was only $12 bucks. Now I have a half gallon of tasty miso bubbling on my counter, and I do think it's helping with overall energy. I heat rice or noodles and stir in a spoonful of miso for lunch, and its surprisingly filling.

Cooking with cultures is fun!

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  1. Good news, l soo lock forward to the book! Good luck in that pollen combat!