Saturday, April 11, 2015

Snippet from Breaker's Ruin: He's a good catch

This is a snippet from Breaker's Ruin, book 2 of the Convergence Series and a work in progress. Book one of the series, Bramble Burn, will be released April 30.

“Of course he’s old,” Luke groused. “How did you not know that? Only old dragons are white. Bleached, they say.” His head flopped on the couch as he exhaled smoke. “That’s why he acts like a grumpy old man.”
“They pale with age,” Breaker assured her, one eye on Luke. “I’d better stay until he sobers. Do you have tea?” Dragons loved firethorn tea with a mad love, and it was good for the fire organs. Every dragon household stocked it.
“Right. I’ll get you both a cup.” She rattled around the kitchen, conscious of how bizarre it was to have Verbreaker, the Skylord’s son and right hand, in her living room. Not that she usually thought of him like that. In fact, he was a frequent visitor to Bramble Burn, and she’d known him long enough to think of him as a dangerous pest. He said he came for the spectacular monster hunting in the park, but he’d made no secret of his interest in her.
The jerk.
It made her mad every time she thought about it. Sure, she was cute and curvy, if a bit plump for current fashion, but he could do better. He could have a dragon female if he chose; he simply thought he’d have a better shot of hatchlings with her.
She smacked a cup on the counter harder than she’d intended. She got it. He was a dragon and she was a changeling. Dragons couldn’t reproduce easily and females were rare. Daisy had a gene that would solve his need for an heir. There was no other reason for him to pursue a lowly biologist.
The cold logic of his plan hurt, but it was so typical of dragons. Brilliant creatures, they were sly, long range planners. While they were fiercely protective of those they loved, trust came slowly.
Malcolm had been like that with her mother. Fire in courtship, ice once married, the saying went. Dragons married human women to have offspring, which were always born dragons-in-human-form. They kept their vows for the length of the mother’s life, but humans didn’t live long, not when compared to a dragon.
She muttered to herself.
“What’s not fair?” Breaker joined her at the kitchen counter and accepted tea for Luke and himself. “Thank you.”
“Dragon lifespan,” she groused, deciding to leave the tea things out. They could make more if they liked while she went to bed.
Breaker handed Luke his cup and smiled slyly. “You could live as long if you wished.”
“You could,” Luke echoed with sudden enthusiasm, twisting around to look at her. “You should take Breaker. He’s a good catch.”
“You’re drugged! You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she retorted. “Aren’t you supposed to snarl that no one is good enough for me? It’s what you do.” Malcolm didn’t even need to growl. He stared at any male who presumed to talk to her with chilling intent, nipping any potential flirting in the bud. Luke was as bad, terrifying her dates until word got out at collage that her dragon family would devour anyone who looked at her.
Graduation hadn’t improved the pool of eligible bachelors, because the drakes they’d introduced her to left her cold.
If she died unmarried, it wouldn’t be a surprise.
“That’s because you’re not smart enough to date a dragon,” Luke said reasonably.
“Maybe I don’t like dragons,” she griped. Breaker looked like he was enjoying their sibling squabble, and it made her grumpy. He didn’t need any more insight into her life.
“You like them,” Luke said confidently.
Stupid arrogant drake. “Maybe I don’t trust them,” she replied with false sweetness.
Breaker spread his arms. “Deadliest thing in the sky, and you let me into your living room.”

Luke snickered.

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