Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How I decide what to write next

I'm highly visual. I wasn't going to start a new series; I had perfectly good series that needed following up. Unfortunately, my brain decided otherwise. I started having daydreams about a giant tree, which became (crude) comic book panels. My storyboard then required typing...and Bramble Burn was born.

Daydreams are my method for story building. I can't daydream if I'm stressed, so no creative writing gets done. That's when I do formatting, website update and humdrum stuff. I have to be excited to spend months writing a story, and I can't force it. Only strong daydreams, the ones that really grip me, get written; I let the other ones go.

I can't seem to visualize a series beyond three or four books. I get bored. This isn't a bad thing, as new and exciting worlds emerge. Writing is my version of play, and it's a pleasure to bring readers along for the ride.

So word of warning: you might fall in love with a character. You may be beset with insatiable curiosity about their story. My suggestion: fan fiction. Go for it, make your own HEA for your favorites! Explore your artistic talents. Cosplay.

Now that you're busy, I'm going to sneak away and get back to writing...

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