Friday, April 17, 2015

Wake with a scream

My youngest (now 15) used to have night terrors. I'd wake in the wee hours with something breathing on my face and scream, which made my husband wake with a yell and caused my son to cry.

We quickly learned that he couldn't be  woken or reasoned with, and he never remembered the episodes in the morning. Simply cuddling with him (we had a full size bed, not even a queen at the time, so no room) or taking him back to bed didn't work, because he'd quickly wander back. He didn't seem to hear us when we talked, so I'd cuddle him in his bed until he drooped off. This went on at least once a year until he was about 12.

Last night, I woke to someone violently shaking me (well, it felt violent, since I've been having trouble sleeping and had just dropped off).

"Mom! I'm hot and I have a fever. I need some medicine!" I might be muddled on the exact words, but it was o-dark-thirty.

Thankfully, my husband woke up and took care of it, but it's amazing that no matter how the bed is positioned, the kids always come to me. If I was more of a morning person, I'd be flattered. As it is, I'm nursing a cup of coffee and fighting off the fever my kid brought home. I have edits and a deadline, and no time for viral fog.

Also, my daughter (16) just got her driver's permit and is taking driver's ed. Eep! Thankfully, my husband enjoys teaching them how to drive, and we have a beater car dedicated to the task. One more round of driver's ed for my youngest after that and we're done.

Okay, gotta give Breaker some just desserts. Back to dragons.

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