Thursday, April 9, 2015

My fruit trees are alive, with only a bit of browning on the very tips of one or two almond blossoms. Fist pump! I'm in business, baby.

My youngest son (14) has red, swollen eyes from pollen, but salt water rinses have been very helpful in reducing it, so now he doesn't look like he's been in a brawl.

Just heard that my sister in law's whole family has gone gluten & dairy free because her kids are sensitive. Since they're visiting for a week in the fall, that will help a LOT. I like to hug the kids in my family without reaching for my epi-pen because they're covered in milk. Talk about conflicted--cute baby cuddle vs. anaphyaxis.

My son wants to learn coding, and guess what? Youtube has videos on it. Best library ever...used properly.

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