Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday release, men are morons. Gargoyle Girl out next week.

Last night John informed me (in guy speak) that he didn't think I cared when he was hurt in AK because I sounded so calm on the phone. Whereupon I hit him with my pillow, called him a moron (and a few other things) and stormed dramatically from the room.

There were a few choice things said about fools in the hospital for five days, of course I care, you-idiot-who-almost-lost-a-major-organ (henceforth to be known as YIWALAM), etc.

After he'd coaxed me back to bed and fell asleep with a happy smile on his face, I got to stay awake and stew. Men make no sense. Next time I'm totally going Southern Belle and having hysterics instead of being stoic and responsible. Ugh!

Also, I need to put that into a book.

Speaking of, Scorched Earth will be released Friday. Gargoyle Girl will be out next week. Working on Gargoyles in the Attic right now.

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