Wednesday, April 30, 2014


John brought home batch of Kumbucha tea with a "scooby" or mother culture. His buddy had extra and offered. I was tired from the numbing stuff they give you at the dentist (full upper jaw was numb, yay!), so I had a big glass with dinner. I'd never had it before but thought something healthy was just the thing.

I felt better right away and even made bread and cookies. Went to bed, happy the stuff worked.

I stopped looking at the clock about 12:30 am. It finally dawned on my that the tea works VERY well. I won't be having any more big glasses of health drink with dinner again, thanks. From now on, experimental stuff will happen in the morning so it has time to wear off.

I will be making Kumbucha. It's an easy thing to do, like sourdough starter, yogurt, sauerkraut, etc. Work clean, use glass, apply common sense. I researched it's pros and cons and there's not a lot of research on exactly what's in it or why it works other than "good bacteria and yeasts", but it does something useful for my body.

Tree pollen season is here and I'm not suffering as long as I stay indoors with the air purifiers. I can go out a bit, but it makes me tired. It's a nice change.

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