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Gargoyles in the Attic

Gargoyles in the Attic

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Chapter 1

“It won’t work, wife.”
Jordan blinked and accepted a cup of fennel & mint tea from her husband. He’d added honey, and she inhaled the steam gratefully. She’d barely begun to show, but nausea plagued her constantly. Toast and tea had become staples. “What do you mean?”
Griffin nodded at the cello player across the drawing room. It was twilight and a maid was lighting the gaslights, making the cello gleam. The soft light cast the mute girl in a romantic glow, the cello giving her voice, making it soar.
A gargoyle watched her, his expression rapt as he swayed gently to the haunting melody. Thin and purple, he had busy white hair, oversize gargoyle feet and a black leather kilt. A long, sheathed dagger hung at his belt.
“He loves the music, not the girl. Or rather, he feels protective of her. What you see is a gargoyle’s natural protective instinct. They would never make it as a couple.”
Jordan raised a brow. “Oh?”
“’Oh’, indeed. Gargoyles are brutal lovers, my heart. Teeth, claws, thick hides… They have powerful instincts that are perfect for each other, but too much for a delicate human. However, they make excellent guardians. He’s hers.”
“Hm. And how do you know about gargoyle mating habits?” she asked archly. Griffin had a certain reputation before they met, and she wouldn’t doubt that he’d had a former paranormal flame.
Of course, Griffin wasn’t just his given name; he’d been known to sprout claws of his own.
“We’ve had gargoyles in the family for a long time, darling. Men talk.”
“I see. It’s just as well. Abby is young and magic makes her nervous. I think she’s happy here, but she needs to see the wider world. A talent like hers belongs on the world’s stage, and I want to see her shine.” Abby was an orphan. Jordan had heard her playing on a street corner with her father’s battered old violin and struck up a conversation. She’d offered the girl a position as nanny, saying Abby’s music would help her active daughter sleep. She’d also mentioned that Abby was welcome to play any instrument in the music room. Once the girl had time to adjust to the house, she’d supplied lessons.

Jordan was very fond of her, and Abby repaid the favor by taking excellent care of Jordan’s daughter.

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